Wednesday, 9 October 2019

It's only been 11 years

Craig and I had a lot of fun today and managed to spend an entire day just not thinking about what this trip is really about.

My Auntie Magie and her husband Reuben live here in Switzerland and have done for the last, well a long time!  Yesterday we met up and it was wonderful, totally over emotional but what do you expect when you haven't seen a family member for 11 years!  I have to say she didn't really look any different, except that she was more like my Mum than I remember.  Craig said if he closed his eyes he would be convinced that it was Mum sitting there. 

We traveled by tram into the old town, which I have to say is fast becoming one of my favourite places on earth.  They took us to a gorgeous restaurant which felt more like a place for locals than tourists.  My Aunt wanted to take me to a place that was famous for it's rosti.  The restaurant was called Rheinfelder Beirhaus and sure enough the rosti was out of this world.  

 I have assumed whilst writing this blog that all my wonderful readers know what rosti is?  If you do not know I can only feel incredibly sad that you have lived your life without it, and you simply must go out and buy potatoes and follow a recipe and put this to rights.  Rosti is cooked potato that has been grated and then fried in copious amounts of real butter and frankly it is to die for (literally!).

After our meal we went on to another restaurant Cafe Schober to have dessert, even though I thought I couldn't have eaten another morsel!  This delightful old restaurant has to be one of the most beautiful places I have been to eat.  

We went upstairs to this small area filled with old chairs with red velvet inserts, with beautiful old beams above our heads and red velvet walls, it felt so decadent.  The desserts well, all I can say is I have never tasted a cheesecake like this in my entire existence, light, fluffy, sugary and just delicious.

We wandered a little further before jumping on the tram home, full and exhausted.  What a lovely day and so good to catch up with my Auntie after so long.  We look forward to spending more time with them during our trip, even if our other visits are not quite so active!

Love Kate & Craig x

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