Saturday, 12 October 2019

On the Other Side

Day 1 Post Op

I am going to let the videos speak for themselves. Kate has been through so much today, more pain than any person should feel. It has been heartbreaking to watch but I am very proud of her. 

Despite all the pain she took her first steps. Really hard and very painful, there has been a lot of tears today. Just one day at a time my love.

It’s been a long day for Kate so if she hasn’t answered her messages please forgive her. I have confiscated her phone to make her rest so if you get a reply it’s from me!

Love. Craig and Kate x


  1. I’m so so proud of you Kate x thank you for being brave and sharing this whole journey, those of us who can’t be with you feel like we are in some small way xxx loads of love to you and Craig

  2. We're with you in spirit darling lady, all cheering you on. You got this my girl. Thank you Craig, we're all so grateful Kate has you by her side, heaps of love to you both xxxxx


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