Sunday, 6 October 2019

Our Journey to Zurich

As I sit here with Craig propped up in a very comfortable bed at 6am, the last 57 hours feels like a blur.  

The trip to the airport was really easy with a guy called David picking us up at 5am.  We made it in record time to Brisbane airport and were taken straight to the lounge where we had a nice little breakfast.

We flew Singapore airlines and then Swiss Air for the second leg and the flights were amazing.  The staff on both flights were super helpful and kind, nothing was too much trouble.  The food on both flights was great but I preferred the Swiss flight with a gorgeous beef steak!

Physically it was as painful as both of us imagined, if anything a little worse.  The first journey not so bad but with hindsight a 7 hour layover in Singapore was not restful but a complete nightmare.  I wish I had realised that you could book into a transit hotel within the airport for a short snooze.  Sitting in a chair in the lounge was bloody awful and no amount of painkillers helped.  

We did have nice munchies at Changi airport although we decided to avoid the braised old yellow cucumber....giggle.  The airport itself is absolutely beautiful. We only went for a short walk as cramp had set into my SIJ joint but what we saw was lovely and so well taken care of.

The second leg of the journey on Swiss air was quite different from the first as it was a night flight. So following a huge meal upon boarding, (which we probably didn't need!! but ate anyway!!) everyone then snuggled down for as much sleep as they could get.  I was happy to see a very tired Craig crash beside me, exhausted.  I turned on the telly and got completely engrossed in 'Castle Rock' a Stephen King series I had never heard of.  I will have to look it up when I get back to Australia as I have left it half way through and I have been left on a cliffhanger!

I did eventually fall asleep and got about four hours I think.  I woke up stiff, sore and full of pain but a few painkillers and a stroll up and down the aisle sorted that.  It didn't seem long before they were announcing that we were landing in Zurich.


I knew it would be cold in Zurich and we brought our jackets but I hadn't realised how cold it would be.  Add to that freezing cold rain and it wasn't quite the welcome we hoped for!! However that first breath of cold air in our lungs felt amazing knowing we had made it all the way across the world in one piece, safe and sound.  We were met with a sign that said 'Mr & Mrs Craig Smith' which I have a feeling will never grow old 💖 and taken by car to our accommodation.  

We dropped our bags off at just gone 7am and then panicked, what an earth are we going to do till 3pm??  With hindsight I suddenly realised I should have booked from yesterday.  We spoke with the owners and they said they would try to get it ready as soon as possible but told us it would be 1.30 this afternoon at the earliest.  

I wanted to cry if I am honest, the idea of walking or even sitting any longer was awful.  Both of our backs were so painful and the pain killers were no longer coming anywhere close to helping.  However with no choice but to keep plodding on we once again braved the weather and searched for somewhere we could perhaps collapse for an hour.

We found a beautiful little cafe where we sat and ate freshly baked croissants and coffee which frankly were to die for.  Nothing like the croissants we get back home.  It reminded me of being a little girl, the smell and taste of 'real' croissants. The food and hot drink made both of us feel better and warmed us from the inside out.

We were a little shocked to get a bill for the equivalent of $40 for two drinks and two croissants though! When people said Zurich was expensive I didn't realise they meant that expensive! 


We wandered up the road in the rain, looking for a place to buy a sim card, something we hoped to do at the airport but alas all the shops were still closed.  It was getting colder and colder and I was reminded of winter mornings walking along the Leas in Folkestone, where your ears and nose start to ache in pain with cold. We decide to return to where we left our luggage and dig out hats and gloves! 
We find the supermarket opposite our accommodation to take cover from the weather and make a list of everything we will buy later today.  As many of you know I have an Aunt who married a Swiss man, so Switzerland isn't completely foreign to me and as a little girl my family used to import gravy powder over for our Sunday lunch.  The picture is of me rediscovering this wonderful gravy.  Mum you will be pleased to know that I have checked with customs and we absolutely can bring it home!  Of course I also found my beloved Rosti, which I cooked for Craig for dinner and much to my delight he fell in love with it; he really is my perfect man!!

We walked around the shops like a couple of kids, realising we didn't understand anything at all!! Even buying a pint of milk is hilarious, which is full fat, which is skimmed? We gave up trying to find a label that said lactose free.  


We laughed and giggled and had such a fun morning.  We were however incredibly relieved when they finally let us into our little room on the fifth floor of a delightful building right in the centre of everything and just a few minutes walk from the hospital.

We settled in and unpacked, then took off to the supermarket to buy our food.  When we got back 'home' we collapsed for two hours sleep, making sure we set the alarm!  We cooked a delicious dinner of Rosti and creamy chicken (although I bough the wrong cream!). By 7pm both of us were sound asleep and didn't wake up till 5am this morning!  

We both feel rested and our backs are far less sore.  I am glad to say it's one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in.  The pillows are a bit weird, sort of giant sized feather pillows with a smaller one that's not big enough for your head! We woke up this 

morning and had a delicious breakfast of bread and jams, we felt very continental. We intend to completely waste today and just rest up.  We have appointments and tests starting tomorrow so we have decided today is officially a rest day.

I have a feeling we are going to love Zurich, I just hope it stops raining soon!

Love Kate & Craig x




  1. Hi you guys..if I had been allowed, Reuben and I would have come and got you - and you could have rested at our appartment less than an hour away. We would also have brought you all you needed for your first few days. But as it was, you had fun doing it your own way. We are here if you need us..just that you know that and everyone else who is wondering where the hell your Aunt was while you are walking around in the freezing rain in Zurich!! Have a good rest and take good care of yourselves. Enjoyed the lovely long blog...hope to hear from you soon. xxx

    1. I know we are a nightmare. But I wouldn't have even let my parents come and get us at that time in the morning!! We were both so tired and needed a shower, I wanted a chance to wash my hair and freshen up before I see you!! Love ya, see you later today.


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