Thursday, 31 December 2020

First Goal Conquered! Day 4

 Starting Weight 91.4 Kg                    Todays Weight 89.8 Kg                       Total Loss 1.6 Kg


Today I reached my first goal.  I have gone under the 90kg, my first weigh in was 89.8 kg so already a loss of 1.6kg which I am completely thrilled about!  My next weight goal is 85kg, I am not putting a date on it, just going to work towards it.

The gym was awesome today and drum roll please….I managed 1 minute and 15 seconds in the cold pool!  I had my little Charlotte with me today and I made her do it too, she wasn’t terribly impressed and we have both discovered you feel like you have broken ankles when you get out, they hurt that much!
We got our EMF tags today so we are now officially EMF members!! How exciting.  Let’s hope this enthusiasm is not short lived.  No not being defeatist I just know me!!

I am glad I didn’t wait for the New Year to roll in now, I feel like I am well under way and my New Year’s resolution can simply be to carry on looking after myself.  I don’t feel like I have the usual pressure of the big New Year’s resolution hanging over me.
I am going to spend this week doing some homework on strengthening my lower back.  What I have noticed is that anything that involves me lifting my rather large derriere off the floor I am simply unable to do, even a millimetre.  This was something I could do before, so I thought I might talk to my Swiss rehab man and find out what muscles need working on the most to get that butt off the mat. If anyone has had an operation like mine I would be very keen to hear from you.
We are staying in for New Year this year.  With Craig being crook neither of us feel like going anywhere.  So, we thought a good movie and some healthy snacks might be the way to go.  
Happy New Year everyone and whatever your New Year’s Resolution I wish you health and happiness as we leave this horrible year behind.  Let’s hope 2021 has a little less trauma attached to it!!  
I send my love to all of our family and friends overseas, I know for you, things are really tough right now and there seems to be no end in sight, but there will be, we just have to have a little faith, hope, and surround each other in love.  Happy New Year folks!
Kate x

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