Monday, 28 December 2020

Here We Go Again! Day 1

 Who says you have to start everything in the New Year? I decided that today was as good a day as any to embark on what must be the 100th diet/lifestyle change of my life.  And, just like always I hold out the hope that this time will be different in some way, that this time I will not only reach my goal but then can maintain it. 

 I started by looking at my past failures, what is it that makes me fall back into old habits?  I think my biggest fault is not doing any exercise whatsoever, I don’t even like walking.  It’s like I literally (as Charlotte my daughter would say) have a gene missing when it comes to exercise.

Then there’s what we eat, that’s never been over the top.  But just like most people I make bad choices here and there, but I am not someone who overeats.  However, when you are not doing any exercise I suppose it’s rather hard to burn anything off.

 Then there’s medical stuff, so the gallbladder and the lack of thyroid cause a few issues and of course the bad back and now added to that a swollen knee which has started screaming at me, which let’s face is blatantly because I am carrying too much weight.

I haven’t done any physio since I got back from Switzerland after the back operation.  A mix between being too frightened and just not having the motivation.  I know the back operation has given me a new lease of life, but for a while all it did was make me feel down, stupid I know, right?! The pain and recovery has taken so much longer than I had imagined and it’s only now, a year on that I am feeling mentally and physically strong enough to start addressing the rest of my life.

On the emotional front, I am in a good place.  I have a wonderful, supportive and loving husband, two beautiful girls and parents who are simply the best.  So, as far as support goes it’s all there.  There is nothing to hold me back this time.  This time however I don’t have to do it on my own, this time my hubby is also going on this journey. 

I sat down yesterday and took measurements and weighed myself.  To my horror I am the heaviest I have ever been in my life.  91.6 Kg and measurements that I am not ready to share!!  It seems an insurmountable task to take on, a weight loss of 26.4kg. 

I don’t know about you but I start instantly converting the amount I must lose to things that make it more real, like 105 packets of lurpak, 9 billion grains of sand, 8320 teabags, and the weight of the family pet.  All a bit terrifying and ordinarily too much like hard work!

But the bigger I get the more scared I get, what is the weight doing to my poor old back, my knee is crippling under the pressure. If I don’t make a change now, how many years will I get with my kids before I drop down dead of a heart attack or stroke.  I want to grow really old with my husband, he is the absolute love of my life.  As it is we won’t have nearly enough time together, yet here I am trying to intentionally cut it short. 

Well, today it will stop, today I am making a change and I do so publicly, in the hope that may help me be a little more accountable for this journey, my journey. Plus along the way it may encourage others to do the same.

I am coming to the end of day one, which already feels like week three!  I joined a gym for a three day trial this morning.  I was supposed to be going with Craig but he is busy with a cold, so instead I enlisted the help of my daughter Charlotte, who strangely needed no encouragement.  I must say I often wonder where she came from, she is a little exercise and healthy eating junky. 

We set off to the gym and I admit it, I was really nervous.  A gym full of body beautiful people all lifting weights and looking good in their lycra.   Then there’s me squeezed into my gym stuff, bulging out just about everywhere, sweating before I have even started and not knowing what the fuck I am doing!

An hour later, I realised that under all the flab there is in fact various muscles, just waiting to make an appearance.  We spent 40 minutes in the gym on the bikes, steps and other machines of torture before switching to some upper body exercises.  Then we hit the pool followed by what was supposed to be the hot and cold recovery pools.  However, I put my foot in the cold pool and it was fucking freezing, around 10 degrees and there was no way on this earth!!  Instantly disappointed in myself we lounged in the hot pool before I found the courage to briefly plunge into the cold pool before losing the ability to breath, speak or move whilst I hyperventilated, going to have to work on that one!  Our gym experience was finished off with a lovely steam room. All in all absolutely shattered after day 1!!

I can’t fault the facilities at EMF in Nerang.  The staff were helpful and kind, I didn’t feel like I was being judged in anyway, which is a good start.  After the three-day trial, I am thinking I will join properly but thought I would just give it a go first. If you want to give them a trial you can get a three day pass here

Now to think about dinner.  This was always going to be the hardest part, healthy, but filling, nutritious yet tasty.  I don’t want a fad diet or something we can’t stick to, just smaller portions and less carbs.  Although we are giving up gluten as it makes both of us feel like crap.  I am keeping one cup of tea though because I may go mad as a Pom not to have at least one cup of tea a day!!

So roll on day 2, on the upside I have a feeling I will sleep well tonight!

 Kate x


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