Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Joined the Gym - Day 3

I made the commitment today and joined the EMF Gym in Nerang for 18 months! I think my hand was actually shaking as I filled in the application! 

20 years ago I moved to this side of the world, it was also the last time I owned a gym membership.  I had decided that I didn’t want to emigrate to New Zealand as a fat person, and set to using the months that our immigration took to lose the pounds. 

That was the last time I even vaguely saw my ideal weight. I nearly got there for Andrew and Cate’s wedding but not quite and then all that beautiful Italian food made sure I gained half of it back before I got back to Australia, plus of course I had an accident and ended up laid up for months! 

If only it was as easy to lose the weight as it is to gain it.  As a guy in the pool said this morning ‘isn’t it a shame that all the stuff we really love to eat can’t be good for you, and all the other shit be bad for you’ How true. If only eating donuts from Krispy Kreme was good for you, can you imagine?  ‘Darling I need you to go to seven eleven and get me a 12 pack of donuts I haven’t had enough fat and sugar today’  

It has actually been quite good to reconnect with my kitchen.  Although whether I will still feel like that in month is anyone’s guess.  But for now I am enjoying it.  Charlotte and I went to the supermarket and we just shopped in the vegetable, meat and fish aisles.  Charlotte was of course in her element keen to tell me everything she has learned about healthy eating over the last few years.  For those of you who don’t know, our Charlotte is a vegetarian who has an allergy to both dairy and gluten.  She changed her diet about a year ago now and is a complete
inspiration. She has been such an encouragement this week and I am so grateful for it.

Luckily Craig is the easiest person in the world to feed.  He literally (as Charlotte would say) will eat anything you put in front of him.  He is just grateful and happy with whatever and that totally takes the pressure off me at dinner time.  
Sadly, Craig is still poorly with his asthma, he is unable to join me at the gym but has changed his diet with me.  I feel so guilty going off to the gym without him. It was always our plan to do this together, but I knew if I didn’t start whilst I was in the right mind set I would change my mind.  As soon as he is well enough I know he will join me and at least I will be able to show him around and maybe it won’t be quite as scary.
I was super impressed with EMF today, the guy who helped me with my membership was really nice and very encouraging.  He helped me pick the right plan and really went the extra mile, thanks Jivani (hope that’s how I spell it!).

 Hoping for a good night’s sleep tonight…I managed a whole 15 seconds in the cold pool today, although I sounded like a Tourette’s sufferer and had all the people around me laughing as I swore my way through the 15 seconds!  

Tomorrow I am aiming for 20 seconds, I figure if I can just increase it a little everyday then I am making progress!  
Kate x

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