Friday, 1 January 2021

Air Frying Heaven - Day 5

I was the only one at the gym today, which was very strange, such a big place all to myself.  Well apart from a personal trainer who tried to hard sell me a session with him! After asking me my weight which frankly I found embarrassing, he then asks me what weight I would like to be.  I say 65kg would make me happy, he looks me up and down and says I think 55kg.  

He then gave me a lecture on how it's about commitment and wanting to change my life.  How I needed to change my diet and focus on making an effort.  I was kind of pissed off to be honest.  He doesn't know me from Adam and he just assumes I haven't already made these changes in my life.  I would have thought the fact it's New Years Day and I am the only one there shows that I might have already made a commitment. I managed to decline his help and quietly carry on with my walking.  It had the opposite effect on me, It made me feel discouraged, isn't that weird! I ended up leaving earlier than I would have done.   Note to self, don't be bullied by personal trainers, next time politely tell them to leave you alone!

The big highlight of the day today was when Mum and Dad came round with our Christmas present.  They must have known we were about to turn our lives upside down as they bought us an Air Fryer.  

I have seen these machines in shops plenty of times and often wondered what cooking in one is like.  Well now I know...completely AWESOME!!

I prepared some raw chicken in strips, capsicum and red onion in a fajita type herb and it took 10 minutes and was completely perfect, tender and tasty.

I served it with sweet potato wraps that come in with just 80 calories.  I thought they would taste like crap but they were actually delicious,  even Rosie enjoyed it.  The whole dinner took me 15 minutes from beginning to end!!  Thanks Mum and Dad you have just made our lives a little easier and healthier!

I have a feeling I will be spending this week learning to do recipes in our new toy!!

Kate x

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