Monday, 18 January 2021

Don't Come The Raw Prawn With Me!

Our journey to well-being has been thrown off track a little with a luxury stay for me at Robina Hospital, (the 5-star bit is tongue in cheek obviously!) 

We were on such a roll with our diet, only eating fresh organic food. Dinner at our house had improved by a 100%, that was until I bought some Black Tiger Prawns from Coles Supermarket in Worongary.


Within five hours my hubby and I were both hugging the toilet seat, vomiting and diarrhoea, stomach cramps and body aches to follow.


It is many, many years since I have had food poisoning, although I don’t think I have ever had it to this degree.  Craig spent two days feeling pretty poorly but has improved,  however I am still really crook a week on.


I complained to Coles asking them to inform the store immediately and so far haven’t been to impressed with their sense of urgency or sympathy. I got a rather terse reply this morning saying ‘I note you only wrote a week ago’ as if to say how dare you bother us with this unimportant matter.


If I could have at least stopped anyone else from getting crook, it would have made me feel a little better.  I contacted Coles on both Facebook and through their claims department but as yet all I am getting is ‘we are still looking into it’. 


I didn’t see any warning come out to customers or a recall, nothing, all rather worrying for a store as well-known and well respected as Coles. I would have thought they would have taken the matter a little more seriously or shown a little more concern, one for my welfare and secondly for making sure that others didn’t suffer unnecessarily. 


Their first question to me was ‘Did I prepare and store them correctly?’. Which of course is an important question. I always take food storage and preparation incredibly seriously having worked with food most of my life.  Plus, Craig and I both hold Food Hygiene supervisor certificates. I know it wasn’t anything we did which is what worried me, I just kept thinking for goodness sake please pull the prawns off the shelf NOW!


By day three of the food poisoning I was admitted to Robina hospital.  I had not been able to keep anything down and was starting to get severe pain and worried that perhaps the food poisoning had caused a pancreatitis attack. But it was simply terrible food poisoning that knocked me for six.  They put me on fluids and filled me full of anti-emetics and morphine for the pain!  I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy and just hope Coles takes it seriously and look into it properly and thoroughly.

My stay at Robina hospital was an interesting experience.  My veins are useless at the best of times but after days of not drinking or eating it took eight attempts to find a vein.  It wasn't much fun at all and I have to admit to feeling pretty sorry for myself.  

Something I did find interesting about my stay at Robina.  I hadn't realised how Covid was effecting even our local hospitals, considering with have no cases at all.  I had to be moved five times and eventually found myself in a rehab bed as all the wards were full.  The ED and assessment unit were full of people with sore throats, and colds all awaiting Covid results.  

The poor nurses and doctors decked out in full PPE, it seemed crazy.  They are absolutely run off their feet and everyone is mixed in together because there simply isn't anywhere to put everyone.  Can you imagine if we actually had cases?  How hospitals are coping in the UK and other countries that are struggling is anyones guess.  The saddest part for me was that Craig was not allowed to visit me at all and I did not see him for 24 hours all because of Covid, stupid thing is there were no Covid cases in the hospital!!


I got home last night and now being looked after by my lovely hubby.  Still have horrible stomach cramps but with the help of the tablets I am at least now not vomiting and I am able to keep water and some bland food down.


I have lost over 3 kg’s during this week and considering that I have only lost 2kg’s going to the gym and eating well one wonders whether weight loss is easier if you just get food poisoning!!!  I’m kidding of course!

I haven’t been to the gym for a week and it’s made me pretty sad. I know I can't believe it either, anyone would think I was actually enjoying it!!  My new membership and I can’t even use it.  Craig only got to come twice before we got taken sick, so feeling like we took one step forward and two steps back!


It’s going to be a few more days before we are up to speed again. I think the gym might have to wait for a good few days yet.  At the moment all I want to do is rest and sleep.   So frustrating when I had such good intentions.  I know it’s just a setback, but it’s so frustrating.  I had got past that awful pain barrier at the gym and it was starting to become easier and now I have to press reset and start over. 

All in all, a shit week, literally, (as Charlotte would say!) I can’t wait to start feeling better.  We have lost and had to turn work down, had to let people down which I really hate doing and paid for a gym membership I can’t use…definitely feeling grumpy, can you tell?!


Thanks for all the well wishes, they meant a lot to us. Thank you to my beautiful husband who has been just wonderful and looked after me so well, I’m amazed he hasn’t done a runner yet! 


Thank you to my beautiful parents who had Rosie this week, she had an absolute blast especially on her bus adventure to Burleigh with Mum. Needless to say she was spoiled rotten by them. I don't know what we would do without you guys in our lives, you are the best parents a girl could have.  Thanks also to our Charlotte, we came home to a clean house and all our washing done, dried and folded, you’re a little star.


Here’s to a better week!! 


Kate x


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