Sunday, 10 January 2021

We're on our Way...

Today was day 14  at the gym.  I seriously can’t believe I have made it to two weeks!  But there was something that made today even more special!  Can you guess?!  

My beautiful, wonderful husband joined me today for the first time.  I was nervous taking him along hoping that everything would go okay and it wouldn’t be the first and last time he came with me!  There were a number of times on the way there where I thought he was going to change his mind but he didn’t he totally committed and I am so proud of him and me!  There were a few times he looked at me as if to say what the bloody hell are we doing this for (as you can see in the picture) but he was awesome.

We started out gently with cardio workouts on the bikes and other elliptical training machines.  We managed about an hour in the gym before we hit the swimming pool. I was worried that Craig’s asthma would make the whole experience awful but in actual fact it didn’t raise its ugly head at all which was a massive bonus.


He loved the pool and we are going to look into pool walking as well as swimming, something the specialist told me would be good for back problems.  The pool is such a lovely temperature and with the sun shining as well it wasn’t long before we were smiling and 'enjoying' ourselves.


We hit the hot pools which as normal was gorgeous, then you guessed it I made him try the cold pool.  It was very funny.  Last week he said to me “11 degrees? That’s not that cold” today he discovered just HOW cold 11 degrees actually is! Like me he only lasted seconds before we both ran screaming into the hot pool for relief.


Charlotte went off and did her own thing today, super proud of her for being so confident.  I wish I had half her confidence and tenacity.  She is so positive and encouraging, and all I need to do is look at her to see what I am aiming for!

All in all, it was a good first trip to the gym.  I think we may finally be on the path to a new us and I can’t wait to see what changes we can usher in to 2021. It can only get easier from here, we just have to be committed and determined.


I saw a poster today that said ‘The hard part is not getting the body is shape, the hard part is getting your mind is shape’ and I don’t think a truer word was ever said.  My mind sabotages me all the time, whether it’s my diet or the gym.  


This year I am going to train my mind, I am going to start believing in myself and my ability to reach our goals, however hard or distant they might be.  It’s time to change my perspective and shut that little inner voice inside of me down! 


Now let’s just hope COVID doesn’t close the gym!!!!!

Kate x

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