Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Wet n Wild here we come!

I have officially lost track of my day count...oh well!  Actually it's probably a good thing!  All I know is I am actually enjoying myself and this feels like it could stick this time!  I don't enjoy the gym work as much as the steam room and pool afterwards but I am getting there!

Took my measurements when I got to the end of week 1.  I have lost just over 2 kg and my waist measurement had improved by 9 cm, which I was very pleased with.  My big clothes are already a little more comfortable and I now have my eye on the section of my wardrobe that has been gathering dust for some years!  And once I am too slim for those clothes it will be shopping time!!  Craig has also lost 2 kg so although he isn't coming to the gym, the new diet is working which is fantastic.

The highlight of this week though has to be taking Rosie to Wet 'n Wild water park this past week.  After such a long time of not being able to manage days like that, let alone enjoy myself in the water with them, it was a really special thing.  I think it might have been a real milestone in my head for my back recovery and how far we have come in a year.  

It's so easy day to day to not see the improvements from a year ago.  But when you do something that requires you to push yourself like that you realise how much more you can do, that you couldn't before.  Rosie and I ran around like a couple of kids, we went on the black hole and the kamikaze in our little rubber donuts together and to see my little girl so happy to have her Mum even back to half speed was awesome. 

It made me again realise how important this journey to good health and fitness is.  Not just for me but everyone around me, especially my children.  Perhaps when I am struggling and feeling like I want to throw the towel in, that's when  I need to focus on them.  Sometimes doing it for myself is simply not enough, the call of the couch is too great.  But the joy of being at the Waterpark this week, well it was just awesome.  

Craig came too which was good, we sat him in a chair and he happily read his book.  Rosie tempted him into the water and she looked so happy to be swimming with her Dad.  All in all a fabulous day and one we intend to repeat numerous times before these holidays are over!

Still loving my air fryer, I haven't turned my oven on in a week now.  Even the kids are using it to create various wonders.  I used it do chicken filo parcels yesterday.  I didn't think they would work, let alone be crispy without the usual butter lathered all over them, but they were the best I have ever made.  I was surprised to say the least.  

Off to the gym now with Charli, so must get off.  We have fallen into a good pattern of getting up at 6 and being at the gym by 6.30am.  It's nice and quiet at that time and we can enjoy the facilities with a degree of peace and quiet!

Kate x

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